Tips for buying a used car

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Buying a car is not an easy job, especially if you have decided to take the car from a private person. Although you can save a lot by buying a used car, this process is much more complicated and involves various checks, starting from the ownership documentation to the condition of the car. In our area, used cars are bought much more often than new ones, and thus there are many vehicles on the market whose origin, condition and mileage we cannot trust, especially not at first glance. Therefore, before buying the desired car model, it is important to pay attention to the following things:

Selection Car

While an auto that already had owners is best bought from someone you trust, such an opportunity doesn’t come up often. You will find the largest selection of used cars nowadays in online classifieds or in so-called car markets, but to be sure of your choice, you will need to check these cars in detail, whether it is mileage or ownership documentation. It is important to mention that this way you will come across many resellers who aim to sell the car as quickly as possible, so do not rush into shopping, even if at a good price you find the type and model of vehicle you have long wanted.

Check the offer on the market and compare the prices of a certain car with different sellers in order to establish the real price of the desired model. Higher prices can sometimes mean that the vehicle is really in excellent condition, and not that someone wants to deceive you, so in the long run, you can actually save.

If you come across a particularly low price of a vehicle, it may mean that the car has suffered damage that is not visible at first glance and that the sellers have been looking for a buyer for a long time to whom they will finally sell it.

Test drive

What every second-hand vehicle owner and car mechanic should tell you is that you never buy a car that you have never driven before. This is the best way to check if the seller is telling the truth and to detect possible irregularities in the operation of the engine, brakes and shock absorbers, down to ‘minor’ details such as the correctness of the air conditioning, seat belts or windows. The test drive should last longer than a few minutes and involves driving at different speeds and on different roads. This will reveal how stable the vehicle is, and test the brakes and compactness of the shock absorbers.

Also it is important

Mileage of the vehicle?
Is it stolen ?
Purchase contract and car insurance?


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