Boost your immune system

Food for good immune system

Want to know how to boost your immune system? If you get the flu virus every year and you seem to pick up all the viruses at lightning speed when you find yourself in a crowd, that’s your salvation. Here’s the way!

Our immune system has a defensive role in the body and the task of protecting us from disease. There are various causes of decreased immunity and thus various diseases. Among the “attackers” of our defense system can be bacteria, viruses, microbes, fungi, toxins… This only speaks in favor of the fact that the answer to the question of how to raise immunity is not at all simple or unique. There is no single way we can perceive as a law.

The strength of immunity is also influenced by hereditary factors and they make up our innate immunity. We also have one that largely depends on the circumstances in which we live and the way we live, and that is acquired immunity.

How to strengthen immune system by changing life habits

Have you noticed how many negative consequences bad life habits can have? We don’t just mean smoking, alcohol or, God forbid, some serious vice. It’s enough that you don’t eat well enough, you don’t move and there are a lot of troubles that can be caused by that.

The answer to how to raise immunity comes naturally. Check yourself and read what you need to change to succeed in that endeavor.

Take care of your diet

Vegetables and healthy food

A monotonous diet will slow down your metabolism, but you will also accumulate toxins that will become too much of a burden for your immune system. What you need to strengthen your immunity is not some magical food because there is no such thing, but a proper and balanced diet. What does that practically mean? You need to eat more fruits, vegetables, protein, and reduce unhealthy fats, sugar, additives and artificial flavors, which are an unavoidable part of ready-made food products. If possible, choose organic foods, because pesticides are one of the toxins that can poison and burden your immune system.

A monotonous diet can cause your body to lack some very important nutrients that are important for boosting immunity. For example, zinc, selenium, iron, folic acid, vitamins A, C, B6, E… If you do not like certain foods, pay attention to what you avoid, which vitamins or minerals you skip, try to compensate them from other sources, even supplements. .

Get enough sleep

sleeping cat

When your body is exhausted, it does not have the strength to fight pathogenic factors that reach outside and inside. One study at the University of Chicago found the following:

People who sleep only 4 hours a day (or at night, it doesn’t matter) produce twice as many antibodies necessary to fight viruses and bacteria.

Take care of hygiene

washing hands

You know that children’s song “hands should be washed before and after meals”. During the day we come in contact with a bunch of bacteria on different surfaces – from the screen of your phone, through the dog you petted when you went to work, to the handrail on the bus… If you want to strengthen your immunity be sure to keep your hands clean before eating and before you start preparing food. Of course, it is also very important that the food is washed and clean. It is true that high temperature and cooking kill bacteria, but you should not take it literally and leave things to chance.

Don’t expose yourself to stress

Relaxing on beach

Stress is an emotion, not a circumstance. And although you can say that it is impossible not to expose yourself to something like this, the fact is that you have to find a way to deal with that emotion. Avoid procrastination, find time for yourself, avoid people who exhaust you and try to deal with problems instead of pushing them on the carpet.

More health problems, including a decline in immunity, will bring you chronic stress due to the fear that you will not get some problems, than the short-term one that you will experience when facing them.

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