The most desirable Volkswagen in history is for sale


In its long history, Volkswagen cannot boast such a large number of valuable classics. Although the manufacturer produced many cult models, most of them left the factory in huge contingents, so they are really rare, today they are desirable examples with the exception of a few rare versions of the “Buba” and Golf GTI models. But if we had to choose one giant that is extremely desirable today, then it is definitely the Type 2 van (also known as Microbus, Bus and Bulli).

One of the copies from 1965 was sold three years ago for as much as 302,500 US dollars, and now we have another model in front of us at the Bring a Trailer online auction.

When it comes to the Type 2 model, one of the key features that determines the price is the number of windows, so the more of them, the more desirable the model. The aforementioned record holder had 21, but the model from our story provides two more and arrives in the most desirable Samba edition.

The history of this van from 1962 is unknown, but the current owner says that he bought it four years ago shortly after the restoration, and since then it has covered only 480 kilometers. The Type 2 today looks the same as the day it left the factory with the exception of a few details regarding the mechanics.

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This primarily refers to the 1.6-liter engine and four-speed manual transmission. None of them match the factory numbers of the chassis and engine, so it is believed that the “original” died, and that some of the previous owners replaced it with the one from the newer “Bug”. This information will certainly damage the price to some extent, since collectors want every detail to match, but even so, the current owner will certainly not lose money on it.

The Type 2 is located in the US state of Washington and arrives in red with a white interior. The seller is especially proud of the glass and says that most of them are really original, but also that he had to replace a few smaller pieces on the roof of the Volkswagen minivan.

Three days before the end of the auction, the highest bid is 80,000 US dollars, but there is no doubt that the final bid will be far higher. Although Volkswagen has produced hundreds of thousands of similar vehicles, most of them did not survive the so-called “hippie” period, so today they are extremely expensive and desirable.

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