Lexus LS 2021

Lexus Grey

Lexus has introduced a revised LS luxury sedan to stay competitive with the approaching premiere of the new Mercedes S-Class. The car has received minor exterior changes, new technology in the cabin, and refresh of the drive units and suspension.

Lexus shows that technically sophisticated luxurious cars can still be really effective. In reality, according to our member surveys, most designs have average or better predicted reliability. The interior spaces are quite well fully complete; the motors are efficient and very powerful; and the hybrid versions were very fuel intensive. Current versions have a sportier tone, often in comparison to the tradition of Lexus’ luxury virtues.

The LS got a new shade of silver and restyled adaptive headlights. The front bumper has been partially redesigned and given a vertical character in the corners. The recognizable front grille contains sensors.

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For now, pictures of the LS 500 versions in the F Sport specification and the LS 500h have been released, and both have updated taillight graphics and piano black trim instead of the previous trim with chrome. Two new wheel designs have also been added, including a 20-inch set for the F Sport.

The interior has been largely kept unchanged, but a high-resolution screen for the digital mirror and a black finish have been added for controls on the steering wheel and center console. Keys with shortcuts for the multimedia screen have been added to the console for direct access to the seat heating functions. The touch screen itself is new, and the software is complemented by the integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technologies.

Among the new driver-assisting systems is parking assistance that automatically controls steering, acceleration, brakes, and transmission. When the vehicle is started, Lexus Teammate technology uses cameras and ultrasonic sensors to help keep the car in the middle of the traffic lane, change it as needed, keep a safe distance, and provide overtaking assistance. It has been announced that Teammate will receive software enhancements and functionality improvements over time.

Sales of the new Lexus LS in Japan will begin in late 2020, and worldwide next year.

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