Paris tour eiffel

Apart from being the “City of Light”, the French capital Paris is also known as the “City of Love” and romance. And how could he not be? Wine, chocolate, flowers, perfumes, French cuisine, street musicians, the French language itself with its rolling “r”, the French kiss… And as if that…

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The beauty of French Riviera

Night at french riviera

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat A strong desire to get away from tourists? Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is still preserved from the hordes of summer visitors and offers magnificent panoramas bathed in calm. In an hour’s walk, you will make a complete tour of the peninsula and discover all the beauty of the coastline…

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Lexus LS 2021

Lexus Grey

Lexus has introduced a revised LS luxury sedan to stay competitive with the approaching premiere of the new Mercedes S-Class. The car has received minor exterior changes, new technology in the cabin, and refresh of the drive units and suspension. Lexus shows that technically sophisticated luxurious cars can still be…

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The new BMW 1 Series has been introduced


Since the premiere of the first generation of the compact model BMW from Munich, or since 2004, the series has been synonymous with rear-wheel-drive hatchback. The latest model is proof that the concept has been changed, so the front-wheel drive platform has been used, and the manufacturer has responded to…

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Boost your immune system

Food for good immune system

Want to know how to boost your immune system? If you get the flu virus every year and you seem to pick up all the viruses at lightning speed when you find yourself in a crowd, that’s your salvation. Here’s the way! Our immune system has a defensive role in…

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How to be happy

happy Face

Most people grew up in families, which practice not enjoying life and where members do not have the habit of saying that they are well and that they are happy. The inability of parents to rejoice and laugh is also passed on to children, who are beginning to think that…

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How to save business in the time of Covid-19?

business idea

Many entrepreneurs are desperate, for some their income has dropped literally to zero because they are banned from doing business. Others were left without raw materials. Third without market. Business circumstances are terrible especially for those small, who usually do not have reserves for a few months of cold operation,…

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