The new BMW 1 Series has been introduced


Since the premiere of the first generation of the compact model BMW from Munich, or since 2004, the series has been synonymous with rear-wheel-drive hatchback. The latest model is proof that the concept has been changed, so the front-wheel drive platform has been used, and the manufacturer has responded to…

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How to save business in the time of Covid-19?

business idea

Many entrepreneurs are desperate, for some their income has dropped literally to zero because they are banned from doing business. Others were left without raw materials. Third without market. Business circumstances are terrible especially for those small, who usually do not have reserves for a few months of cold operation,…

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Mercedes or BMW Limousine

limousine Cars on the road

When we talk about a luxury limousine, of course, we are talking about German machines Mercedes and BMW. These two names are the leading companies in the world of vehicles. Learn more about both manufacturers in either Mercedes vs BMW analysis, and find out which supplier you can select if…

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7 Keys to a Positive Personality

women with positive smile on face

Remember a positive personality will have more of an impact on your success and happiness than perhaps any other factor. Your physical diet has a large impact on your levels of health and energy. If you eat fresh healthy high-quality foods and avoid bad food for your health, you will…

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Airport Charles de Gaulle


Roissy–Charles de Gaulle (CDG) one of the best airports. CDG also known as Roissy Airport,  is about 20 miles northeast of Paris, serves 325 cities worldwide and is often the go-to choice for travelers because of the number of nonstop flights that arrive here. It is the largest international in France and second-busiest airport in Europe. Opened in 1974,…

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